Bettering Ourselves and Our Clients

There – we said it.

We’re a firm believer in perpetual learning to not only better ourselves, but to educate and benefit our clients. We don’t just do the work – we DO THE WORK. We’re consumers, coders, lovers, fighters, parents, designers, and basically an all around mixed bag of technology loving, Amazon Prime™ obsessed people at your digital service. We work with brands, agencies, and anything inbetween in whatever shape, form, color you need us in. Your clients are your clients, and your success is our success. We love what we do, and you’ll love working with us. Shall we?

Web Development

From promotional microsites to enterprise grade web applications – we have you covered no matter how complex the needs.


Layout, Design, UX, and everything inbetween. We can work with existing designs or provide any number of services to bring your ideas to life.

Mobile Development

We specialize in iOS and Android app development and are able to provide complete solutions including deployment to their respective stores.


Have a need for something inanimate to tweet, or an installation piece involving LED lights or servo motors? We love working with the Arduino platform!


It isn’t magic – but it is a need for many of our clients. It is amazing what you can do with 40kb these days. We cover AS2, AS3, and HTML5 animated or static banner design/development.


If you have been wronged or let down by another shop – we can help! Bring us your tired, incomplete, broken, improperly configured, and/or buggy websites, mobile apps, and other digital projects. We will evaluate and put together a plan of action to get things back on track!

Hardware Supply

Quite often a project will require a hardware component. When needed, we’re able to not only recommend, but also source tablets, computers, and even specialized hardware to fit any project.


We offer white label consulting services for anything from client brainstorms to project development and execution. We’re always up to join the battle :)

Mobile Games

Using the Unity3D game studio exclusively (now in awesome version 5) – we are always up for turning your ideas into amazing 2D and 3D games. You won’t find a shortage of testers either – most of us are gamers!


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Latest Posts From the Team

Everybody has a say.

Semantic-UI: we heart you

Today we’ve made a decision to switch over to using only Semantic-UI. It has been brilliantly built and we feel that we’ll not only pick up speed, but exponential quality and consistency. Check them out!

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Cellular Arduino? Yes Please!

So when you’re addicted to emerging technologies like us, the need to keep an eye on crowd source funding sites is a normal day to day occurrence. This time I came across Spark IO – a company that specializes in making some super small, Arduino adaptable expansion boards (among other gadgets). Their newest Kickstarter caught […]

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Shadow Warrior AGAIN!?

If you remember Duke Nukem 3D being released, you most likely remember Shadow Warrior which had a demo come out shortly thereafter. It was about this politically incorrect warrior named Lo Wang that had an arsenal of strange weapons at his disposal. The demo was AWESOME, but then the full version of the game took […]

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